Share your perspective as we shape state efforts to reduce the transportation sector’s impact on climate change. 

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Bike path near capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota
Climate change is happening here and now in Minnesota. The Walz-Flanagan administration and all state agencies are working to reduce the worst impacts of climate change and help Minnesota communities prepare for the climate change impacts that can’t be avoided.
This fall, the new Minnesota Climate Change Subcabinet (created under Executive Order 19-37) will consider a set of potential near-term actions we can take in Minnesota to help combat the climate crisis. It’s important that these recommendations reflect the needs and perspectives of Minnesotans. This survey focuses on initial transportation-specific climate action recommendations. The suggested actions in this survey build from engaging the public and technical experts during MnDOT’s Pathways to Decarbonizing Transportation project in 2019.  While this survey focuses on an initial set of transportation-specific climate actions, the state agencies will continue to engage with stakeholders and community members to develop future ideas and plans to achieve our long-term climate goals.

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