Do you know of a bat roost?

The Bookend Trust, through our NatureTrackers program, has recently launched the CallTrackers project – so anyone in Tasmania can help monitor bats through recording their calls. To build software able to identify bat species from recorded calls, we need lots of recordings of calls where bats have been identified first. We are looking for bat roosts! We can identify the species of bat in the roost, and then record them when they head off in the evenings.

If you’ve noticed somewhere where, at least sometimes, bats shelter during the day, please provide details below (for multiple roosts, you are welcome to fill out the form more than once).

More questions? See the end of the survey.

(Note: The bats may not be very active at the moment, and may not always be in the roost. Please don't risk disturbing any to check for us!) 

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* 1. Is the roost located...

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* 2. How long have the bats been roosting in that location, that you are aware of?

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* 3. Whereabouts is the bat roost?

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* 4. Is the roost...

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* 5. If you are willing for us to follow up with you, what is the best way for us to get in touch?

Other questions? 
  • HOW DO I KNOW IT’S A BAT ROOST? Hearing chittering, seeing mouse-like poos on walls or on the ground, hearing noise at sunset and sunrise mostly.
  • WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH MY ROOST? Talk to you; maybe come and check if the bats are there at the moment and which species they are; if it suits our needs well, and you are happy, we may set up equipment in spring/summer to record the bats as they come out of the roost.
  • MORE INFO on Tasmania's bats here:
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