TARA will be an open-access (i.e. free), web-based portal, and database incorporating (1) an acupoint ontology using both Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) and conventional biological nomenclature systems; (2) male and female human and rat body atlases, each with a standardized 3D coordinate system; and (3) a searchable database of acupoint information along with previously published physiological data, curated by an expert committee, associated with acupoint stimulation.

Imagine being able to see, online, a 3-D body image with acupoints labeled, and when you click on an acupoint, it links to high-quality research associated with that acupoint, along with showing anatomical structures underneath the skin, in and around each acupoint. And imagine a database you could query to find research associated with various acupoints related to specific conditions.

How would you envision using such a database once it is available?

Your input will help us to design TARA so that it provides information most helpful to the acupuncture research and clinician community.

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* 5. What types of queries would you want TARA to be able to answer?  (For example, “I would want to know safety protocols for various acupoints” or “I would want to know which nerves are close to various acupoints.”) Please share your own queries here:

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If you run out of space above, please email any additional example queries, thoughts, or ideas to info@acupunctureresearch.org with subject line “TARA Community Survey.”

Thank you!