1. General Information

Welcome to the 2011 TAGT Parents' Survey & Needs Assessment.

Some of the best information from parents comes from written comments, so we encourage them - although we're respectful of your time in submitting comments and suggestions.

We have also learned that the majority of families have two or fewer gifted-identified students, so the survey allows you to enter selected data concerning up to two children (a few of the questions are duplicates, so you won't need to submit more than one survey in its entirety).

We apologize in those cases when there are more than two gifted-identified children.

Please feel free to share this survey with other parents of gifted children you know - whether TAGT members or not. We thank you in advance for your participation.

(The SURVEY will remain open for participation until June 30, 2011 - 11.59 pm)

Question Title

* 1. I am (we are) current members of (check all that apply)

Question Title

* 2. I (we)have ___ gifted-identified children

Question Title

* 3. I (we) have ___ children who are not gifted-identified

Question Title

* 4. Please indicate the age(s) of your child (children) in each category

Question Title

* 5. Please briefly describe your G/T program and services (for example, "My daughter is pulled out, one time per week, for one hour"

25% of survey complete.