* 1. What is your full name?

* 2. What is your EID?

* 3. What is your email?

* 4. What is the best phone number to reach you?

* 5. Which degree are you currently pursuing?

* 6. In which department are you currently pursuing a degree?

* 7. Do you certify that spring 2014 will be your first semester working as a Teaching Assistant at UT-Austin who leads discussions?

* 8. Do you certify that in spring 2014 you will be leading a discussion section as part of your TA appointment?

* 9. Identify the prefix, course number, and suffix (if appropriate) for the discussion section you will lead in spring 2014.

* 10. In no more than 300 words explain why you would like to participate in the seminar. What would you like to learn as a result of participating and what do you hope to contribute to the seminar?

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