Artist Call - 2020 Teen Action Fair

Call for Youth Artists - In Community We Flourish
Teen Action Fair 2020 @ Gates Foundation Discovery Center

Stipend for Selected Artists: $50

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Teen Action Fair (TAF2020) on March 14, 2020, at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center.

The Teen Action Fair celebrates the theme "In Community, We Flourish." This theme was chosen by Gates Foundation Discovery Center Youth Ambassadors to remind us of how community holds the power to inspire meaningful change and growth in our world. The Youth Ambassadors were inspired by the many youth-led social justice movements that are driving change across the country and the world. Youth lead with an understanding that great change will require a collective effort. At the same time, these movements are characterized by appreciation of different things that communities can provide.

We are asking artists to submit artwork (prints, paintings, drawings, photography, poetry, short-films, and other 2-D artwork) that responds to the theme "In Community We Flourish." Artists can also consider the following prompts:

- What is an example of someone/s (individual, relationships, organization, social movement) flourishing?
- How does your community support your identity and culture? This can include any and all aspects of identity that are meaningful to you (race, gender, sexuality, religion, immigration status, nationality, disability, etc.) as well as specific social justice movements or issues (queer justice, disability justice, climate justice, racial equity, etc.)
- What does it look like (feel like, sound like, etc.) when someone is flourishing within their community?

Deadline for submissions is Feb. 21st or until spots are filled. 


- You can submit up to two art pieces (send links to pictures of your art or digital copies by email at
- 2D art should not be bigger than 36''x48'' (we may be able to make some exceptions). 
- This is a one-day show; however, there may be an opportunity for art to be featured longer in the Gates Foundation Discovery Center. 
- We will have a coordinator and volunteers overseeing the artwork, but artists are still responsible for their art. 
- Must be able to attend the event on Saturday, March 14, 2020.
- Any participants under age 18 will need to submit a signed release form from a parent or guardian before they can participate at the event.

What We Provide

- We can print your photography and/or digital art (you get to keep the prints)
- Support with installing your artwork. 
- $50 stipend. 
- Snacks and coffee at the event. 
- The event is free and open to the public. 

For questions, please contact and

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