The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is calling for Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified health care professionals who would like to join the Technology Accreditation Committee (TAC).

Membership of the Committee can be made up of:
• Representatives from the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC)
• Representatives from the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)
• Representatives from the Australian Diabetes Educator Association (ADEA)
• People with diabetes using technology
• Additional experts may be co-opted into the committee as deemed appropriate by the TAC.

The Technology Accreditation Committee aims to assist services providing diabetes care to achieve, demonstrate and maintain quality technology-based diabetes service provision.

Expectations of Committee Members


Committee membership is for a 2-year period commencing in February 2019. Committee members will participate in quarterly meetings via tele/videoconference, or more frequently as required, to:
· attend to the Committee's business with reasonable care and diligence
· read and contribute to the development of project plans and/or proposals

Face-to-face meetings may be convened if required. Most of the work of the TAC will be conducted via email communication, supported by tele/videoconference as required.

Agendas will be distributed prior to each meeting and may require preparatory reading.

Each Committee member may have a responsibility to deliver specific projects/tasks between meetings to help achieve strategic objectives of the Committee.


The capabilities expected of Committee members include but are not limited to:
· clinical or research expertise in diabetes care and technology
· demonstrated relevant interests, experiences and/or skills
· demonstrated ability to participate cooperatively in a team with a range of people
· capacity to think and act strategically
· leadership & initiative
· communication
· creative thinking
· collaborative and participative approach
· commitment, passion and drive for results


All Committee members will have a commitment to and responsibility for the following elements of good governance:
· Accountability – taking shared responsibility for the operations and impact of the Committee
· Transparency – ensuring that information about the Committee's activities is accessible to the NADC Steering Committee
· Disclosure – being open to scrutiny and dealing effectively with potential conflicts of interest
· Independence – maintaining a collective decision making culture and independence from outside direction or interests


· Ability to contribute to an exciting project which will be at the forefront of promoting excellence and quality improvement in diabetes-related technology delivery
· Opportunity to work with like-minded people
· Opportunity to enhance your professional skills and experience

Membership does not attract any remuneration