What is a Topeka Above and Beyond Award?

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a city employee for a Topeka Above and Beyond Award (TAB Award). 

Having the support and appreciation of our peers and fellow community is an important part of being a team player and to the success of the City of Topeka as a whole. Our co-workers and those in the community often have a better idea of the challenges we face each day and how we as employees of the City of Topeka interact with others, both inside and outside the organization.

In an effort to bring attention to those employees, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to nominate someone who goes above and beyond their job. Please spend a moment thinking about that colleague or staff member who always lends a helping hand, who offers a message of positivity when you’ve had a rough day, or who makes a difference here at the City. Then nominate that person for this award.

The nominations will be collected and reviewed by a committee of City of Topeka employees who will review criteria and choose if the person is qualified to receive a TAB award.

The recipients will be surprised at the next staff gathering or other group staff event, where the winning nominee will receive a token of the City's appreciation, as well as a certificate to hang on their wall.

Award Criteria (Does not need to meet all criteria listed)
-Must be a current City of Topeka employee
-Employee actively participates in planning, implementing, and supporting decision-making efforts aimed at improving the working environment for the City of Topeka.
-Develops and presents ideas of cost saving resources that are implemented.
-Goes above and beyond work duty expectations.
-Goes above and beyond normal expectation in representing the City of Topeka government in a positive manner.
-Initiated a project that has significantly improved the community quality of life.
-Actions that go beyond compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
-Safety actions that go beyond compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
-Exceptional customer service skills when interacting with the public.
-The individual has demonstrated leadership, outstanding achievement, and a lasting commitment to the City of Topeka.
-Creativity in new and innovative methods and procedures
-Any other exemplary service by an employee act.

Award Process
-An award will only be given when deserved.
-Employees may be nominated more than once and receive more than one award per year.
-If a person from the review committee has been nominated, they will be excused from the committee for the quarter.
-The committee will serve a 1 year term.

Thank you for your nomination!