About the Queen of Green Coaches Program

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Thank you for your interest in being a green coach! This page provides a little more information about the program and leads to a short survey designed to evaluate your suitability as volunteer coach this round. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes.

This fall, we're launching the fourth round of the Queen of Green coaches program. It's an exciting, eight-week community initiative to green Canadian families in their own homes. Volunteer coaches work directly with families to lower their impact on the Earth at home and in their communities.

It works! During the spring session, 17 coaches supported 67 families. To date, 100% of participants reported learning new green living skills, and a whopping 100% said they were absolutely or very likely to continue to make green choices.

• 20 coaches from across Canada receive green coaching modules and training from the Queen of Green through bi-weekly online meetings.
• We talk about green living, but also about communication challenges like overcoming apathy and encouraging dialogue
• Each coach recruits and 'greens' five families in his or her community

• Participant families work with their coaches through four, two-week modules (waste, food, cleaners & cosmetics, community), each made up of three learning areas and three suggested actions
• Coaches may customize modules to make them relevant to individual communities
• Coaches meet with their families at least once in person and are in regular contact with families via phone and email
• Coaches often host an event (e.g. skill swap, block party, etc.)during the program
• Check in with participant families six months after the program to reinforce long-term goals

• Most families begin practicing a light shade of green but want to do more (“We recycle and I know we
should do more, but I’m just not sure where to start.”)
• To date, most participants have been women, mostly moms. Only one dad, so far, but we'd love to see more!
• Families are encouraged to champion green living in their communities