1. Cost Benefit Analysis

* 1. Client Name:

* 2. What type of occupation was heldĀ PRIOR to training?

* 3. What was the salary on this job?

* 4. If unemployed prior to training, what resources were available to assist with daily living?

* 5. What type of training was obtained with the Career Development assistance?

* 6. Are you currently working in the career field for which you were trained?

* 7. What is the name of your current place of employment?

* 8. What is the present salary being received?

* 9. Do you currently, or have you ever worked for the Choctaw Nation? (including, but not limited to the Casino, summer youth, etc.)

* 10. If Yes, how did you recieve payment? (This will determine how we pay you for the Exit Interview incentive.)