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The following survey is intended to collect information from parents regarding the quality of teaching and learning at this point in the school year. To preserve the validity of the information we collect, we ask that parents/guardians ONLY complete this survey.  We also hope to identify parents and community members that are able to help Lee Virtual School continue on our path to excellence. Students enrolled in schools that have a high degree of parent involvement tend to be more successful. This survey is part of our effort to assess our school performance and identify any areas that may need to be changed.   Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Please do not hesitate to add additional suggestions in the comment box at the end of the survey. Student and parent identities are anonymous and the information from this survey is used for improving our school.

* 1. What grade level(s) is/are your child/children this year with Lee Virtual School? (Check all that apply)

* 2. Are you a the parent of a

* 3. How are you monitoring your child’s completion rate and grade

* 4. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the Lee Virtual School.

* 5. Which statement best describes the way Lee Virtual communicates with you and your student(s)?

* 6. Which subject area(s) or grade level is benefitting your child the most?

* 7. How do you feel about the new math initiative?

* 8. Which subject area(s) or grade level is benefitting your child the least?

* 9. My child logs their daily attendance

* 10. How would you rate the overall effectiveness of Lee Virtual School communication regarding individual student progress?

* 11. How does your child complete their online content

* 12. How would you rate the effectiveness of the first days of school process?

* 13. How often have you or your student met with one or more teachers in person?

* 14. On average, how many hours each day does your child spend engaged in virtual school activities?

* 15. How satisfied have you been with teacher communication so far this year

* 16. Please indicate your perception of chromebook use so far this year.

* 17. Are you interested in volunteering with Lee Virtual School?

* 18. What day and time would you be available to volunteer with Lee Virtual School?

* 19. (Optional) What is your occupation?

* 20. Please list any hobbies or special interests that you have (i.e. computers/IT, Red Cross volunteer, photography, Art, etc.) that you would be willing to share with students or other parents:

* 21. If you wish for a member of the Lee Virtual School staff to contact you, please provide the following:

* 22. Please provide any additional comments regarding your experience so far with Lee Virtual School that we can use to improve teaching and learning for our students.