Zipped! Feedback Form

We are planning on printing 100,000 of these booklets so that all Christians can be informed about the tragic state of
evangelism in the Church. Before we go to print, we want to do some basic market research to find out how the Holy Spirit worked through the ZIPPED booklet to impact you personally. We’ve designed this form so that it’s quick and simple to fill out. Your answers are strictly confidential, and will not be shared with any third party.  Thanks for being part of the solution!

* 1. After I had read the booklet, I felt:

* 2. After I had read the booklet,

* 3. ZIPPED! unveils 15 reasons why Christians don’t do evangelism. Each reason has resulted in Christians being confused about evangelism and related issues. In turn this has led to mass non-involvement with evangelism. Of the 15 reasons, which impacted you most?  Rank the top 4 i.e. Put a tick in column 1 for the reason which impacted you most, column 2 for the reason which had the second greatest impact on you, and so on.

  1 2 3 4
Confusion about what ‘the gospel’ is and isn’t
Confusion about the content of the words of the gospel
Confusion about what ‘evangelism’ is and isn’t
Confusion about the mission of the Church
Confusion about the Great Commission
Confusion about how the lost are drawn to Jesus
Confusion about whether evangelism is a process or an event within a process
Confusion about our motives for doing evangelism
Confusion about the word ‘witness’
Leaders unwittingly causing confusion by not leading by example in evangelism
No accountability in evangelism
Not living under the authority of Scripture
Christians objecting to being told to do evangelism
Evangelism is for all believers, not just those with the gift
Many believers want to evangelise, but just don't know how

* 4. Can you think of any ways we can improve this booklet?

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* 7. Do you have an official leadership responsibility in the Church?

* 8. If you attend a church, what is your denomination?

* 9. Our goal as a Christian ministry is to bring back the Great Commission to its rightful place as the priority of the Christian Church.
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