1. Office Relocation Survey

An Office Relocation Task Force is seeking your input prior to their search for new office/service center space. Once a new site is identified, we will be eliminating the current offices in Lakeland and Tampa and relocating the current Ocala office to Camp Wildwood in Sumter County.

* 1. In order to determine what is most important when we select the location for a new Corporate Office, please prioritize the following criteria.

  Most important Least important
Proximity to other services
Close to interstates
Adequate parking

* 2. What would be most important:

* 3. What services should be available at the new Corporate Service Center?
Check all that apply.

* 4. How often do you currently visit either the Lakeland or Tampa office?

* 5. When you do visit the Lakeland or Tampa offices, what is the purpose of your visit?

* 6. Are there any additional services that would make you likely to visit the Service Center more often? Please describe.

* 7. Please tell us where you live.

* 8. What is your current affiliation with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida?
Check all that apply

* 9. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions you'd like to share with the Office Relocation Task Group?