Someplace Safe continually explores the quality of services received by clients.  Your ideas, comments, and opinions about services are important.  We will use your feedback to make changes and improvements to services.  Your answers will be kept confidential and how you respond will not affect your relationship with Someplace Safe. 

* 1. What type of services that you received:

* 2. Are you a college or University Student?

* 3. The service I/my child(ren) received was helpful.

* 4. I learned about available resources related to my situation.

* 5. I know more ways to plan for my safety.

* 6. I learned new information about how to keep my child(ren) safe.

* 7. Staff understood my problems or concerns.

* 8. Staff communicated with me in a way I understood.

* 9. I received the services I needed and wanted.

* 10. I know more about the options and choices available to me overall.

* 11. I know more about the justice/legal process and options available to me overall.

* 12. What did you find most helpful about the services you received?

* 13. Are there additional services or information you or your child(ren) would have liked to receive?

* 14. How would you improve the services that you or your child(ren) received?

* 15. If Someplace Safe had $100,000 what would you recommend is done with the money?

* 16. Please select the location of the office where you received services:

* 17. Anything else you would like us to know?