Property Acquisition Strategy for Solid Waste Purposes.

Thank you for participating in this online survey. This survey is part of the CSRD's Solid Waste Management Plan amendment consultation process that will include input received from this survey, and input received from participants at open house sessions to be held in Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke and Golden in January, 2018.

The CSRD is interested in acquiring a 20 acre parcel of land adjacent to the Salmon Arm Landfill site.  Acquisition of this property would provide a number of benefits to the solid waste program including the ability to: 
  • relocate and utilize space for recycling  activities;
  • create larger buffer zones around the current landfill;
  • expand the landfill once existing landfill reaches capacity in 2050;
  • fulfill other CSRD equipment storage needs.  
The added space provided by this site will allow for improved operations and provide for new opportunities to conduct activities such as: 
  • separating recyclable materials;
  • creating new programs for reuse/recycling;
  • storing materials for transfer to recycling end markets; and
  • adding up to 27 years of landfill capacity (2050 - 2077).  
There are two parts to this survey.  Part 1 seeks feedback on the establishment and prioritization of criteria to be used for future acquisitions of land for solid waste management purposes. Part 2  seeks feedback on the desire of the CSRD to acquire a 20 acre parcel next to the Salmon Arm Landfill site in 2018. 
Additional opportunities to provide feedback will be available through the City of Salmon Arm's rezoning and OCP amendment process for this property, which is a requirement to incorporate some of the proposed activities into the City's land use plans for the area.

It should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete the thirteen survey questions below.  The CSRD values your opinion and feedback.