Introduction to Montana Industry Salary Survey

The Montana Society of CPAs is conducting our 6th salary survey for the Industry/Government/Nonprofit professionals in Montana. We ask for your help by completing this survey.

This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on your answers.
► The compiled results will be made available to all companies who complete this survey.
► Those participants whose company did not complete the survey may purchase the results for $250.
► Your answers will be kept confidential.
► If you have more than one office please complete one survey per location.
► Please answer questions only for your MONTANA EMPLOYEES. If you employ people out-of-state DO NOT include them in this survey.

Please contact Jean Rieden, Professional Development/Membership Director at 800.272.0307 for questions, comments or suggestions.

To help you complete the survey the list below is the order in which the questions will be asked:
► CFO - The CFO or "highest level" Accounting/Financial staff within the organization.
Controller  - Management-level employee reporting directly to the “CFO” and who also supervises other managers (if any) and/or accounting staff.
► Assistant Controller  - Management-level employee directly reporting to “Controller” and who manages accounting staff, or who is a CPA.
 ►HR - Anyone who provides employee setup/termination/benefits processing but does NOT do other Accounting specific functions.
►Degree Staff - Any department staff not previously identified, who has a 4 (or more) year accounting/finance/management degree (Do not include CPA, see above).  
►Accounting Staff - Any department employee not previously identified.

Please use the PREV button at the bottom of each page to go back to a question. DO NOT use your back button on your browser as this will stop the survey.

Thank you in advance for your time and input.

* 1. MSCPA would like permission to list your company's name only--NOT your answers--in our finalized survey results. Your company's name will lend authority and legitimacy to this survey and encourage more companies to participate. All answers will remain anonymous.

* 2. Name of your Company

* 3. Name and title of person completing the survey

* 4. Business address and phone number of person completing the survey

* 5. Email address of person completing the survey