Consent Form

Informed Consent for Study Participation - The Use of Animals for Teaching & Research

Introduction -- This research study is being conducted by Vickie Randall, Rachel Green, and David M. Compton at Palm Beach Atlantic University to determine the current perceptions people hold about research that involves the use of animals. You are cordially invited to participate because your opinion and knowledge makes a difference.

Risks/Discomforts. There are minimal risks for participation in this study. However, you may feel emotional discomfort when answering questions about personal beliefs.

Confidentiality. All responses are anonymous and the information provided will remain confidential. All data will be stored in an encrypted file, reported as group data, with no identifying information. Only those directly involved with the research will have access to the data.

Participation. Participation in this research study is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw at any time or refuse to participate entirely without penalty.

Questions about the Research. If you have questions regarding this study, you may contact David M. Compton, PhD, at 561-803-2463,

Procedures -- You are being asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of a total of 80 items (statements or questions) and will take about 15 minutes to complete. Questions will include demographic information about you, your own personal views about and feelings toward the use of animals in research and for teaching purposes, and a series of items to learn more about you and your beliefs. There are no predetermined "right" or "wrong" answers.

For all statements or questions, please click on the response of your choice.

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* 1. Do you wish to participate in this research?