Smart Cities

Olds is an innovative community so when the Government of Canada announced a Smart Cities Challenge that includes not only a $250,000 grant, but a possibility to win a $5 Million dollar prize, the Town of Olds and the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development jumped on-board.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a competition open to Canadian communities. A smart cities approach encourages communities to look at ways to improve the lives of their residents through the use of innovation, data collection and connected technology.

The Smart Cities Challenge can relate to economic opportunities, environment quality, healthy living and recreation, mobility, empowerment and inclusion, or safety and security.

When talented people in our community come together in pursuit of a common goal, ideas flourish and take root. What do you feel are the most pressing issues the community faces? How can we look at these challenges  from a different angle?

By using data and or connected technology, this is where we need you to think outside-the-box. What new ideas and innovative plans can be used to focus on those pressing issues and improve the quality of life for residents living in Olds?

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* 1. I want the Town of Olds to win 5 million to help with:

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* 2. Did you attend the Smart Cities Workshop hosted on January 31st? What did you think about the event?

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* 3. Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?

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* 4. After the event, do you feel you have enough information about the Smart City Challenge?

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* 5. Is there anything else you’d like to share about your thoughts on the Smart Cities Challenge?