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Oh, The Places They'll Go: Goal-Oriented Program Onboarding Redesign Promote Equitable Program Momentum by Asking, Connecting, Inspiring, and Planning; presented by Hana Lahr and John Fink, CCRC

November 10, 2022; 10 am – 12:30pm

Description & Goals: All students, including those pursuing associate degrees, certificates, non-credit programs, or dual enrollment programs, need to know where their programs lead and what opportunities exist for future education and employment. Further, students who have a clear path are more likely to persist and complete – and this helps colleges facing enrollment and retention challenges. To help students enter a path aligned with career-track jobs/transfer in their field of interest, it is critical to engage them from the start by providing supportive onboarding experiences.

This workshop is intended to help college teams understand the importance of program onboarding and to illustrate how guided pathways principles can be used to redesign onboarding. The Ask-Connect-Inspire-Plan “ACIP” framework facilitates student engagement in programs by asking students about their interests and aspirations, connecting students with faculty and peers who share their interests, and inspiring students to learn, with the goal of helping students develop an individualized education plan.

The workshop makes the case for why students’ early experiences, from the time they apply throughout their first year, are critical to their success and presents strategies for reimagining recruitment, orientation, dual enrollment practices, advising, faculty involvement, and first-term / first-year coursework as part of an ongoing onboarding process.

Colleges will be provided with a follow-up activity to complete and turn in to their guided pathways coach following the workshop.

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed to be conducted with 5 or more college faculty/staff per team, including faculty, advisors, deans, directors, VPs, Presidents, program coordinators or department chairs, or IR, IT staff, and registrars. Ideally, the individuals selected to participate will be well-positioned to share what they learn at this workshop in different parts of the college afterwards.

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