What are your five favorite resources on your favorite topic?

I'm always on the lookout for great thinkers and great thinking on pretty much any topic, from psychology to business to current politics.

The best way I know to find great thinking is to ask thoughtful people what content they most recommend on topics they care about.

I hope you’ll help me find some new great thinking by taking a topic you care about and sharing your top five recommended pieces of content (books, articles, videos, websites, whatever). Even better, share a sentence or two about *why* you recommend each one.
As incentive, everyone who shares at least one list of recommendations will get access to all the others. I'm only planning on sharing the lists with those who participate. And in my experience, these kinds of lists are goldmines of great content.

--Alex Epstein

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* 1. What's your name and email?

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* 2. What’s a topic you’d like to recommend great content on?

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* 3. What are five resources that you'd highly recommend on this topic? They can be anything — books, articles, videos, websites, courses.

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