This survey is to quantify the value of experience 
for specific jobs.
  • The survey has 2 questions and takes 2 minutes to complete.
  • Question #1 is about "how long does it take to master* a job?" More
  • Question #2 is about "how much more would you be willing to pay someone with experience?" More
  • All data will be handled anonymously.
  • Respondents from over 100  participating companies have contributed.
  • The results will be shared with those participating in the research.
  • Surveys for Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and other functions will be conducted later on. Just add your email on Question 3 to participate on those

Question Title

* 1. Months required to master complexity* for each job  Question details  

*Master complexity definition: research shows that experience increases productivity, up to a point when the skills are mastered. Those skills involve both technical expertise and the ability to successfully deploy people, processes, and tools.  More

Question Title

* 2. How much more (%) would you be willing to pay someone who has “mastered complexity” compared to someone who is new in the position? Question details

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* 3. About you and your experience

Get the algorithm 

We have agreed to build an algorithm and make it available to others. Details are here.

Our algorithm will quantify, in dollars:

1.     The value of experience for any 5 positions (Supervisor to CFO), adjusted by size of firm, industry and type.

2.     How much companies are willing to pay for experience.

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* 4. Comments/Suggestions? Just add them below