Hey, thanks for filling this out!

Hi, I'm Max and at CS Forum 2016 I'm presenting a look at how the marketing and content functions relate (or don't) in different organisations. The more examples I have, the better, which is where you come in. In this survey you can tell me a little bit about things where you work (and earn my instant gratitude). This is all confidential - you can answer anonymously, and I won't use any names in the presentation.
You're perfect if you are:
  • An in-house employee, working with managers and teammates (i.e. not an agency type or external consultant, sorry), AND
  • Working either in marketing, or with content (preferably digital content). In that second case, it doesn't matter if you're in a content team, digital team, or something in between.
Survey responses are all good, and I'm keen to talk, too. Sound good? Tweet @MxDEJ or email max [at] contentistheweb.com.

Lastly, you're awesome.

These questions assume that there are separate marketing and content (or digital) teams in your company. If that doesn't apply, no problem. Just skip Q2 and ignore the exact wording of the others. I mean, there are still marketing people and content people, right? Right. Cool. You're still awesome.

* 1. What size company do you work for?

* 2. A quick comparison of the content and marketing teams at your work:

  Marketing team Content team
Team I work for:
Better-funded team:
Larger team:

* 3. You maintain a lot of relationships between teams at work. Is the marketing-content relationship more or less functional than average?

* 4. How far apart are the marketing team and digital/content team in your company structure? How many steps up the org chart until you share a boss?

* 5. Thinking about each team in turn, how would you describe...

* 6. How does work actually get done in your office?

* 7. According to job descriptions, performance reviews, etc., what are you and your team incentivised to do? And what are the other team incentivised to do?

* 8. Briefly, and without overthinking it, define "content strategy"

* 9. Briefly, and without overthinking it, define "content marketing".

* 10. If you don't mind fielding follow-up questions (or you just don't want to be anonymous), let me know who you are: