* 1. Do you know what CAD/CAM Technology is?

* 2. Are you planning to purchase it in the future?

* 3. If you answered question 2 with Yes; why you want to Purchase it?

* 4. If you answered question 2 with No; why you don’t want to Purchase it?

* 5. If you decided to purchase CAD/CAM chair system, which system you will choose?

* 6. On what bases you made the above choice?

* 7. In case you purchased the system what is your most preferred Ceramic Blocks; you will use to produce the restorations?

* 8. What is your 2nd choice of the Ceramic Blocks?

* 9. If you are planning to use the CAD CAM system to produce bridges; what is your most prefered System?

* 10. What Temporary Blocks Material you will use to produce the CAD/CAM temporary restorations?

* 11. If you already have or decided to purchase a CAD/CAM system; how you are planning to operate it?

* 12. What kind of cement you prefer to cement the CAD CAM restoration? please indicate in front of your choice, the brand name and manufacturer.

* 13. When you decide to use certain block or material, wither it is Ceramic, Zircon, or for temporary; or cement on what bases you make such a decision?

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