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You bought what?..Hmmm..You definitely shouldn't have more than one of those..It wasn't me...Whew, that was close!..I did it!...I swear, it was the cat/dog...Okay, now I'm a believer..I don't know, make something up...Madlibs: And that's why I can't ___ anymore..He/she/it___because it happened so fast..When they went to the ___everything went crazy..But I've always wanted to ___ on/in a ___ and ______.  My dream ___definitely includes _____.

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* 1. What is your registered Daz Forum member name?

Thanks to everyone who participated- you all have such a sense of humor!  PLEASE tell others about the contest and ask them to vote!

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* 2. Which renders do you think should win? (Participants may NOT vote for their entries)  Required: choose one entry for 1st place, one for 2nd place, one for 3rd place, and one for 4th place. 

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 
Stampede!  (Gopherus)
Positive Reinforcement  (Lyam)
I Found The Toy Factory  (Saphirewild)
Dragons and Orcs (MilosGulan)
Orcs Again (MilosGulan)
Cactus Growth Hormone (RGcincy) 
Dreaming  (Luci45)

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* 3. If you'd like to suggest a statement for the next contest, have some fun and type it below! (Including Mad Libs!)