Family Self Sufficiency Info Session

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Information / Enrollment sessions are an opportunity to learn about and enroll in the FSS program. FSS works with NYCHA Section 8 voucher holders who want to improve their future through employment, education and financial planning. Participants earn up to 100 percent of the difference between the rent they paid when they joined the program and the rent they pay when their earned income increases - every month. To register for a session, please provide the information requested below. Please register only if you fully expect to attend.

* 1. An FSS Info session is scheduled for Friday September 22 at the Brooklyn Customer Contact Center and on Friday September 29 at the Bronx Customer Contact Center. Please select the date you wish to attend (please do not register if you are not sure whether you will  attend. No shows without a valid excuse may  not be registered in the future.)

* 2. First Name

* 3. Last Name

* 4. Are you the Head of Household?

* 5. Section 8 Voucher Number

* 6. Email address

* 7. Best daytime phone number

* 8. How did you hear about this event?

Please note: To be eligible for enrollment in the FSS program, the effective date of your most recent Section 8 recertification must be no older than four months. If your recertification is more than four months, we will notify and reschedule you to attend a future info session. . Please ensure that we have your complete contact information.