* 1. Name and Email Address:

* 2. Current Job Title and Employer:

* 3. Are you currently a member of Texas Bay Area SHRM?

* 4. Please list any volunteer activities you've done in the past including any leadership roles.

* 5. Have you ever had to leave a board position prior to the end of your term in the past, either voluntarily or from being asked to step down? If so, please explain.

* 6. Does your Employer support your time away from work to serve as a SHRM volunteer?

* 7. How would you like to help?

* 8. What area(s) would you be interested in volunteering?  If there is an area that we don't have listed, but you think should be included please list in the comments section.

* 9. Please list any skills or experience that you think would be beneficial to your volunteer role within the chapter.

* 10. Why do you want to serve as a volunteer for the Texas Bay Area SHRM Chapter?

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