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* TNReady is a test to better assess what a child has learned from the Tennessee State Standards (aka Common Core) curriculum imposed by the State Legislature. It was designed to force teachers to teach to the test. The T-N Ready test is designed to crash and freeze when given on-line. In paper form, it often arrives at schools with missing and incorrect components. For nearly a decade, the test has been so problematic that the TDOE has waived requirements of state law for its scores to be calculated into student grades. The test costs over $30 Million annually and the results often can not be properly authenticated. It is NOT the only standardized test required for students in grades 3 through 12. In addition to days of TNReady testing in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies, students will be also be required by federal and state law to take the following assessments: RTI benchmark universal screeners (August), RTI benchmark universal screeners (December), RTI benchmark universal screeners (April), various high school end-of-course tests, U.S. Civics exam, ACT, and ACCESS for ELL students.

Knowing this, do you oppose or favor using T-N Ready in Tennessee schools?

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