* 1. SECTION ONE: FIRST CONTACT -- How you first contacted the FCSO --

How did you contact us ?

* 2. SECTION TWO: FIRST CONTACT -- COMMUNICATIONS SECTION: Most Citizens contact our Communications Center by calling our non-emergency number or calling 911.

My call to the Sheriff's Office was handled in a courteous and professional manner.

* 3. The Communications Specialist (Dispatcher) who took my call was knowledgeable and assisted me.

* 4. The communications Specialist (Dispatcher) handled my call quickly and effectively.

* 5. SECTION THREE: FIRST CONTACT - RECEPTION UNIT: The Receptionist receives calls and walk-in complaints at the Operation's Center front desk area, Inmate Facility, or Sub-Station.

The Receptionist at (please choose your location) was courteous and seemed concerned about my situation.

* 6. The Receptionist identified him/herself to me.