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Tourism is vulnerable to risk as it is a complex network that is interconnected to other sectors of the economy. Despite this, with proper management, the tourism sector can act as a catalyst to achieve economic and social development of economies in their recovery efforts.

Now is the time to consider the vulnerability of tourism on a global scale and rethink the systems and structures that support this critical industry. This research is designed to examine business risk management of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the tourism industry to build resilience and to strengthen the visitor economy for a sustainable future. ​

The research is being led by APEC with the support of EarthCheck. ​All responses will be kept anonymous and there will be no identifying details published. Any data collected will only be accessible to members of the research team for the duration of the project. No identifiable data will be included in subsequent reports or publications.

Your participation in this survey is purely voluntary. If you choose to complete the survey, you are not obliged to answer every question unless you wish to do so. Where asked, you are not obliged to give specific examples unless you wish to do so. If you choose to not complete the questionnaire, your decision will in no way impact on any relationship you currently have. Data will be handled in accordance with EarthCheck's privacy policy.

For more information about this project please contact Dr Natasha Montesalvo at or call +61 7 3924 4200.

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