Questions for members of Alcoholics Anonymous

This survey allows Australian AA Members to provide some feedback on the AA structure to the Conference Inventory Committee. AA Groups are also welcome to complete the survey. To enable material to be prepared in time for the Conference deadline, the close-off for the survey is 20 June 2018.
To help you or your Group complete this survey, the Conference Inventory Committee has prepared a brief Discussion Paper which includes basic history of and information about the AA structure in Australia. For further reference, here are links to the Australian Service Manual and the Australian Guidelines.

* 1. Even though you've read the Discussion Paper, would you like someone from your local Area to contact you if you are still unsure about the AA structure?

* 2. After reading the Discussion Paper, do you think you could explain the AA structure to someone unfamiliar with AA?

* 3. Are you completing this survey on behalf of a Group or as a member of AA?

* 4. Is AA in Australia adequately fulfilling its primary purpose of carrying the AA message?

* 5. Does the alcoholic who still suffers find a clear and consistent message about recovery when they look at AA on the internet?

* 6. Are professionals working with alcoholics in Australia adequately informed about what AA has to offer?

* 7. Have you witnessed the Central and General arms of AA service working together?

* 8. Have you experienced any difficulties caused by the Central and General arms of service not coordinating their efforts (e.g. separate approaches to a detox; meeting lists that differ; donations not being forwarded; etc)?

* 9. Have you noticed gaps in service that no one seems to be doing?

* 10. Does your Group find it hard to get members to represent the Group at Central or General Service meetings (e.g. Public Information Committees; Area/Central Assembly; Regional forums)?

* 11. Do you feel like you don’t get sufficient opportunity to carry the message?

* 12. Have you carried out service at any of these structure levels?

* 13. If not, what would be the main reason?

* 14. Do you consider the AA structure in Australia affects the ability of AA to carry the message?

* 15. Overall, how would you rate AA in Australia for its current efforts to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers?

* 16. Can your Group afford to contribute to General or Central Service?

* 17. Are there enough groups in your area to function as a Central and General service entity (have assemblies, operate a CSO, send a delegate to conference)?

* 18. Can you identify any structural issues at local, area, regional or national levels of service?

* 19. Does your Group avoid involvement in service beyond the group? If so, why?

* 20. Does your Group prefer to support one arm of service only, either a CSO or some part of General Service?

* 21. Are you aware of any issues that seem to be caused or complicated by the AA structure having two arms of service?

* 22. Do you deliberately keep away from service beyond the Group?

* 23. Should members get routine feedback about what happens to their contributions?

* 24. With around 15% of groups regularly active in the structure, do you believe conference can do more to serve AA?
If so, what can the fellowship do to ensure conference represents the Australian fellowship as a whole?

* 25. Are there problems with the AA structure in Australia that you/group/area feels should be addressed?

* 26. Do you believe the current structure should be left alone?

* 27. Can you suggest changes to the structure that would better enable AA to help the alcoholic who still suffers?

* 28. Do you think the public should only see a single AA Australia website?

* 29. Would an inclusive discussion within the fellowship about the Australian AA structure be a good thing—even if it resulted in no change?

* 30. Do you think it appropriate for the Central Service Offices to become part of the Conference structure with full voting rights?

* 31. Would you support a review of the conference administrative procedures?
If so, why?

* 32. If a national group conscience (attended by both Central and General Service representatives) were held to discuss a new structure for AA Australia, would your Group be willing to consider a modest contribution towards the costs?

* 33. Would you accept that a vote by a national group conscience of at least 75% in favour of any structural change would represent ‘substantial unanimity’?

* 34. Would you be interested in getting together with other nearby members to discuss the AA structure?