The deadline to complete this form is by 5:00pm on Friday  January 26,    2018 for U4-U14 and by 5:00pm on Friday February 16, 2018 for U15-U19.

CONFLICT GUIDELINES for Special Requests

2018  Spring Season begins:
Saturday February 17, 2018 (U4-U14)
Tuesday March 20, 2018 (U15-U16)
Thursday March 22, 2018 (17-U19)

PYSA will attempt to fulfill requests related to recognized conflict categories that affect your team’s ability to field the minimum number of players required to start a game.

Minimum Number of Players Required for a Game:
• U4 : 2 players
• U5, U6, U7 and U8 : 3 players
• U9 and U10 : 5 players
• U11 and U12 : 6 players
• U13 and above: 7 players

Recognized Conflict Categories:
• School sanctioned activities (e.g. programs, Camp Classen, band, choir, athletics)
• Religious Holy Days that fall during the week
• Head coach of multiple teams in PYSA Recreational League

Except for the very youngest age groups, teams will have games on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday after 6:00 pm (possible Mondays)
 You will have a game on all available weekends (Saturday or Sunday)
 Under 19 teams will play on Sundays and weeknights
 Saturday/Sunday Conflicts - Due to scheduling constraints we are unable to honor requests for an entire Saturday or Sunday; however, you may request to play at a specific time. This includes Religious or Holy Days that fall on the weekend.
 The PYSA Recreational League shares fields with not only the PYSA Plano Premier League, but also various other leagues and sports. PYSA also works within time frames and field allocations defined by Plano Parks and Recreation.
 PYSA attempts to identify general school conflicts each season, and avoids scheduling specific league on days when conflicts might be likely. For example, PYSA will avoid playing U14B games on middle school football nights.

* 1. Team Name:

* 2. Age Group

* 3. Team Gender

* 4. Coaches Name

* 5. Cell Phone Number

* 6. Do you coach another team in PYSA?

* 7. If yes, what other team do you coach?

1. Contact your players to determine any conflicts for the season.
NOTE: Requests must meet the criteria established in the Conflict Guidelines of this form.
List all conflicts (weekday & weekend) in the chart below. Should your team be in an odd division you will have a Saturday/Sunday bye & if scheduling permits we may be able to honor your bye on the affected weekend.
2. For conflicts due to another school sport (i.e., basketball, volleyball, football, etc) please provide the sport, age/grade, school name, and attach a schedule.

Points to Remember:
 LEAGUE play has priority over tournaments. If you know of a tournament that your team will or would like to attend, please be sure to list it as a conflict. Although we cannot give you a weekend bye, we can schedule your team for an early game. You can then advise the tournament committee of your league game.
 Check the PISD Calendar. There are many school events throughout the year that could affect your ability to field a team.
 Weeknight games will be played on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
 Due to time constraints, we will not be able to honor any requests received after the league specific deadlines shown above.

* 8. Please list the date, time of conflict, number of players unable to participate and reason for the conflict.