* 1. Please select the service to which your survey responses relate.

* 2. The Holman Frenia Allison staff were friendly to work with.

* 3. The Holman Frenia Allison staff were very professional.

* 4. The services I received were of the highest quality.

* 5. Holman Frenia Allison staff were responsive to my questions and inquiries.

* 6. I enjoyed working with Holman Frenia Allison.

* 7. The Holman Frenia Allison staff are very knowledgeable.

* 8. I am likely to recommend Holman Frenia Allison to others.

* 9. I was very satisfied with the services received from Holman Frenia Allison.

* 10. Are you aware that Holman Frenia Allison’s audit and accounting services include the following?

  Yes No
Accounting Services
Audit Reviews & Compilations
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Estate Planning
Forensic Investigations
Tax Preparation
Tax Representation
Valuation & Litigation

* 11. The Partner for this engagement was:

* 12. Please share your thoughts on our performance and any suggestions to improve our services:

* 13. OPTIONAL: Please provide your name and contact information if you would like us to contact you for additional discussion.