Share your input on the priority of future transportation projects for Maui

Transportation planning is underway for highway and transit projects proposed for federal funding on Maui in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) FFY 2019-2022. All projects are eligible for federal funding, consistent with the Long Range Transportation Plan, and are top priorities from County and State asset management systems.

Help the Maui MPO narrow down the draft project list from $170 million to a 4-year target of $124 million. The Maui MPO Technical Advisory Committee and Policy Board will consider your responses as they develop a financially constrained TIP by June 2018.

PLEASE RANK: High = Project should start in next 4 years, Medium = Project should start in years 5 or 6, and Low = Project should start after year 6. Choose no more than 10 projects in each category: high, medium, low.

Surveys must be completed by February 23, 2018. For project maps and information, click here

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