Anonymous Questions

Object Arts Ltd. has indicated that they would be willing to sell Dolphin Smalltalk to a foundation/non-profit organization. The foundation would then release Dolphin under an open source license. The price is at most US$230,000.

The foundation would raise the required money by donations/contributions from the community.

Please note: The answers that you provide on this page of the survey are collected anonymously. Neither your ip address nor your email address are saved with your response.

* 1. How would you characterize your use of Dolphin Smalltalk?

The following two questions ask how much money you would be willing to contribute to a buyout of Dolphin. The first is the amount you would be happy to immediately contribute. The second is the maximum amount you feel you could contribute to see the buyout succeed.

* 2. What amount, in US dollars, would you feel comfortable contributing to the buyout of Dolphin?

* 3. What amount, in US Dollars, would be the maximum amount of money you could see yourself commiting to a buyout?

* 4. Where did you hear about this survey?