* 1. Contact information - Team Captain

* 2. A list of all team members (with age on race day) must be emailed to race director (Jeff Kozlovich, kozhawaii@gmail.com) by July 15, 2014. (You will receive a reminder by email.)

Cost is $2,000 for 6 person teams
Cost is $1,200 for 2 person teams
20% off if paid in full before April 1, 2014.

We will review your information and send you an email with further info and payment instructions.

* 3. What are your team's qualifications for this race? Or as team captain, what are your qualifications?

* 4. I understand this is a dangerous and demanding swim and I believe I, and my team, have what it takes to compete at this level.

* 5. Do you understand that there are REAL hazards that you are likely to encounter including but not limited to rocky shorelines with large surf, sharks, man-o-war, drastic and rapidly changing weather, escort boat problems, etc?

* 6. Do you understand that it is your CHOICE as an individual or team to compete in this event and by competing, you are claiming the abilities required to take on this challenge?

* 7. Do you agree to hold the race event directors, employees, volunteers, sponsors, etc. harmless for anything that may happen to you, your team or your equipment?

* 8. Do you understand that Ka'iwi (Molokai) Channel is one of the most remote and dangerous channels on the planet and deserves extreme respect and humility.

* 9. Do you agree that you will compete in good faith and remain bound by the rules and
regulations as posted on the homepage of the KCS ?