Thank you for your interest in walking as a pilgrim on Camino 2021 with Alexander John Shaia as a mentor, and Annie Sempill assisting. 
- Camino 2021 is sponsored by Quadratos LLC working with Nativa Travel which organizes lodging, meals, museum tours, visits, and ground support.
- To begin your application, please fill out this form.  
- Next, Alexander John will schedule a Zoom session or phone call to answer any questions and to mutually discern appropriateness on the Quadratos Camino as an intentional rite of passage.  
- Note: The 8 pilgrims accepted for Camino 2020 (that was canceled due to coronavirus) have all asked to walk in 2021.  This means that Camino 2021 is currently full.  However, unexpected events happen. In prudence, Alexander John will interview applicants and accept up to three to be placed on the Camino 2021 waitlist.