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* 3. Which of the following best describes your current occupation?

* 4. Do you use the Events Calendar?

* 5. Are there any improvements that can be made to make the Directory more useful? Is there anything you don't like about it?

* 6. Are you happy with the length and content of the weekly news? What else would improve it?

* 7. Did you visit any of the following Exhibitions in 2017? Please rate what you thought of the show from 1-5, with 1 being not very engaging to 5 being excellent.

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Ruth Blindell & Laura Espinosa (Sayle)
Manx Landscapes and Seascapes (Isle Gallery)
Hodgson Loom Open Art Competition (Time)
4 Years On & Thalloo as Keayn (Sayle)
Photographic Exhibition (Hodgson Loom)
Turning Point Mark Wallinger, Kevin Atherton; Keith McIntyre, & Susan Collins (Sayle)
False Idols, Jimmy Duggan (Isle Gallery)
Manx Wearable Art (youth Arts Centre)
Drawn Steel through the Seasons - Rob Jones (Milntown)
Olive Wassall & Karl Garrett (Hodgson Loom)
Around the Mountain, Graham Rider (Noa)
From Syria with Love (Noa)
Cut from the same Cloth, Julie and Alice Fayle (Sayle)
REM-Embers Emblazoned, David Maddrell (Studio 42)
Manx Cancer Help Show (Hodgson Loom)
Isle of Man Art Festival, Creative Network (Multiple locations)
This is Summer (House of Manannan)
Thirty Seven and Three Quarters, James Marvin (Sayle)
Roger Dean's Islexpo Mini Exhibition (Sayle)
Catch and Release, Nick Barlow and Julie Roberts (Isle Gallery)
UCM end of year Art & Media Show
A Happy Medium, Eloise White (Sayle)
Taking Flight, Kate Jerry & Shelby Sandyford-Sykes (Isle Gallery)
Still the Breeze, Ellie Baker (Studio 42)
Tabula Rasa, Daniel Price, Erin Dimelow, Margaret Buchanan, Rebekah Corlett, Sharon Beedell (Sayle)
Moving On, Talking Textiles (Hodgson Loom)
Circles of my Mind, Natalie Norton (Erin Arts Centre)
Creative Open Day (Sayle)
At the Edge of the World, Julie Collins (Isle Gallery)
Cornucopia, Chrissie Moss (Noa)
Views, Vistas and Studies, Max Aitken, Ronnie Doyle, John Caley (Hodgson Loom)
Painted Dreams, Eileen Schaer (House of Manannan)
SofA Exhibition / #ilovethisbuilding (Sayle)
7th North Atlantic Sheep Conference Exhibition (Hodgson Loom)
Manx Tholtans, Ray and Niamh Kelly (Manx Museum)
Wildlife, an Artist's View, Jeremy Paul (Isle Gallery)
BC20FK17, Helen Fox, Vici Blackburn, Phil Kneen, Ian Coulson (Sayle)
A Place Known, Daniel Price (Studio 42)
Colleen Corlett and Kathryn Cain (Hodgson Loom)
Peel Christmas Art Crawl
Grenaby Christmas Artisan Market
Farmyard Studios - Ice Sculpture in Strand Street
Christmas in the Yard, Katy Mitchell
IOM Drawing Club Events
Luminance, Simon Park, Mike Radcliffe, Julian Simmonds (Sayle)
IOM Art Society Easter Exhibition (Village Walk, Onchan)
IOM Art Society Autumn Exhibition (Village Walk, Onchan)
Courtyard Artists Christmas Exhibition (Isle Gallery)

* 8. Did you visit any exhibitions or attend any workshops because of something you saw on the Directory?

* 9. How did you first hear about the Manx Art Directory?

* 10. Has the Directory encouraged you to buy any artwork? If so, roughly how much did you spend?