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1. Welcome to the online application form of the first ARSINOE Open Tender!

Dear ARSINOE Innovator,    
You have entered the ARSINOE online application form. With this questionnaire we ask you to provide us with information about your innovation. The questionnaire has 45 questions, which should take at least 60 minutes to answer.  
All answers will be handled confidentially. None of the information that you have provided will be disseminated outside ARSIONE without your permission.
Please keep the following in mind:
●     Be as clear and concrete as possible. The information collected from this questionnaire will be used to evaluate your application.
●     This online application form is designed to capture the specific details of a single innovation. If you have several innovations you want to apply to the tender with, you have to complete one individual application form for each. You will be asked to specify the name of the innovation in question 1.
●    Please respond all questions. Only complete applications will be considered. Please note that it is not possible to upload additional material.
●   Applicants have the option to download and read the list of questions beforehand, but it is compulsory to submit the application via Survey Monkey.
●    Responses are saved and submitted when a respondent clicks the Next button on each page of the survey. Responses don’t automatically save as each question is answered—they are saved and submitted page by page as respondents progress through the survey.
●    As long as you use the same computer and browser and do not clean the cookies, you can return to the survey to pick up where you left off and/or edit previous responses. However, we recommend you to plan enough time to complete the form at once.
●  As long as you use the same computer and browser and do not clean the cookies, you can change your answers on any survey page even after you complete the survey. 
●   You can't print a record of your answers after you complete the survey.
●   If you are sending more than one application, please use a different browser or computer, or clean the cookies.
●     ARSINOE is equally interested in technical social and governance innovations. However, some case studies may be exclusively or particularly interested in one of these categories. Please review carefully the case study materials and keep this in mind when answering the questions.
●     The questionnaire includes 9 sections to gather information in relation to 1) your contact details, 2) innovation characteristics and relevance for the ARSINOE case studies, 3) innovation vision and potential, 4) innovation technical readiness, 5) social transformation and governance, 6) testing feasibility, 7) innovation social readiness, 8) innovation market readiness, and 9) budget and timeline.
●     Submit the questionnaire latest on 23 July 2023 at 23:59 CEST. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered. 
We look forward to your applications!
Kind regards,
The ARSINOE Work Package 5 Team
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