Traditional Gender Norms Survey

The purpose of this survey is to study attitudes toward traditional gender norms. Please note that participating in this survey is completely voluntary. Also, all responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Thank you for your time.

Please answer the following questions based on your level of agreement. Click on the option that bests matches your opinion.

Generally speaking, do you agree or disagree that:

* 1. Men like sports more than do women.

* 2. Women like to shop more than do men.

* 3. Men are better at science than are women.

* 4. Men are better at math than are women.

* 5. Women are more likely to be teachers than are men.

* 6. Women are more likely to be nurses than are men.

* 7. Men are more likely to be doctors than are women.

* 8. Men are more likely to be lawyers than are women.

* 9. Women care more about their appearance than do men.

* 10. Men care more about how much money they make than do women.