1. Introducing the ISPT

Rational Software Architect v8.0 contains a new integrated training type that we call the "Integrated Self-Paced Training" (ISPT). The ISPT provides training materials (modules and labs) to help you start modeling using UML.

The ISPT is available for free from the RSA v8 infocenter (or the product embedded help) at the following address:

If this ISPT is new to you, please take a moment to browse the materials. This survey focuses on the ISPT format, not the course content. We would like your feedback on the ISPT approach (do you see value in it? Is it useful to help you enable yourself on the product?)

When you are ready to take the survey, click "Next". There are only 7 simple questions for you to answer.

You can access the ISPT content from the Overview section. Look for the "Getting started: Essentials of modeling with Rational Software Architect" topic as shown below:

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