Thank you for experiencing Arete Massage Tucson

This survey will allow me to better serve you and your needs. And to make any changes to provide better care and services to you, my client. Please take the time to answer each question thoroughly and provide any additional comments. Thank you for taking the time to pass along your thoughts and opinions. My thank you to you for completing this survey will earn you a $5 off coupon

* 1. When was your last massage session with Arete Massage Tucson?

* 2.
1-Do you enjoy the massage music that is played during your treatment?
2-Does the massage table feel comfortable?
3-Did you have any trouble finding my location or making contact with me?
4-Would you recommend Nicole Glesinger, LMT to your friends and or family?

  no yes somewhat

* 3. Was the temperature of the room okay for you? If not what can I do to improve this for your next
next session?

* 4. How was the pressure during your massage?

* 5. Did the massage therapist address your areas of concern?

* 6. How do you feel after your massage?

* 7. What would you change about your last massage experience at Arete Massage Tucson?

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* 9. Did you find my website( easy to navigate?
Is there anything you wish was on my site or anything that you wish wasn't?

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