This project investigates senior students’ views on two questions

1. The language used for talking about classroom Religious Education.
2. The idea of giving more attention to studying contemporary issues and the search for meaning in a culture that is changing rapidly – at social, globalised and environmental levels.
Background to the research questions
The language used for talking about Religious Education is important because it has a shaping influence on understandings of what this subject might do best for students in today’s culture. 
In times of rapid social change, and even more so during a global pandemic, the presumptions people make about religion and ‘the good life’ can appear shaky and contingent, creating uncertainty and anxiety about the future.  Parts of the school curriculum (like Religious Education) may be able to give more attention to studying directly the way people try to construct meaning, purpose and values for life. 

In planning the future for Catholic school Religious Education, it will be helpful to have student input on these two questions.  

Participation in the survey 
All the information you provide will be both confidential and anonymous.  
A report on the results will be made available to participants, as well as to schools where the survey is conducted by school system authorities.  The report will be on the ASMRE website. The web address is given at the end of the questionnaire.

Thank you very much for participating in this survey.  Your views are highly valued.