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* 1. What is your full SL name:

* 2. What is the name of your business?

* 3. What is your store's slURL?

* 4. What are the names of other contact people for your business?

* 5. What name would you like invited to the vendors group should you be accepted? (We require at least 1 avatar per business in the vendors group. If it is NOT your main avatar, we ask that you also subscribe to our subscribeomatic)

* 6. Is your business a reseller or a business in a box?

* 7. Have you read the "Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Vendors Information" notecard and do you agree to the rules of the hunt?

* 8. What type of Item will your hunt gift be? (General only, please choose a category so we know the general area)

* 9. Are you planning any moves or location changes during the time of the hunt (March 20-April 30)?

* 10. Please note, due to the limited number of vendors (50-75), we will be highly selective as to the stores we accept. NO BIAB or resellers will be accepted. Please include a link to any blog or web address in this section. Is there any other information you would like us to know?