THE COMMUNITY TICKET SHARE (CTS) program lowers barriers to help bring economically, culturally and geographically diverse communities to the Ford Theatres. Every summer, the Ford distributes over 2,000 tickets to community groups in addition to providing bus transportation. CTS provides you with an opportunity to share your art and work with those who might be seeing a live performance for the first time or who might lack the means to attend otherwise. 

Each year we ask Partners to donate as many tickets as they are able to CTS. When you agree to contribute your selected number of tickets, the Foundation will: 
  • List your show online as a performance choice available to CTS groups.
  • Work with groups you or your artists suggest for CTS.
  • Inform you of the community groups attending your show.
  • Give community groups information about your show as part of their attendance preparation.
  • Collect and send you demographic information about the groups that attended your show.

CTS tickets go to groups such as community centers, senior centers, social service organizations, and arts and youth education organizations who work with underserved communities. Community groups that have been able to attend a show through the CTS program include:
  • L.A. Sheriff Department Parks Bureau
  • Youth Policy Institute
  • Aviva Family & Children's Services
  • AIDS Project Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employees
  • Sunset Hall Senior Center
  • Asian Youth Center
  • Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural
  • A Place Called Home

  • Participating in the Community Ticket Share program is OPTIONAL for Partners.
  • Fill out this online form to indicate the number of tickets you would like to donate to the program.
  • Please note that bus transportation is an important component for many of these community groups who may lack the resources to travel to the Ford. However, in order to take full advantage of each bus, we require a minimum of 60 people per show to fill a bus. If you contribute at least 60 tickets the Foundation will arrange for bus transportation for an L.A. County-based community group to attend your event.
  • Contribute fewer than 60 tickets and the Foundation will arrange for distribution to community groups that will provide their own transportation.
  • If there are groups that you work with or think would be a good fit for the program, please let us know in your form. You can either suggest them for your show specifically or for the program as a whole.
Please note: CTS ticket contributions do not impact your producer complimentary ticket allotment.


We are grateful to be able to offer tickets to as many community groups as possible each season. Please let us know if you would like to participate by filling out this form by Monday, May 1, 2017. Once you have completed the form you will receive a confirmation email. 

Thank you for your generosity,

Caroline Chang
Program Coordinator

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NOTE: It takes about 60 tickets to fill a bus.

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