Governor calls for open comment on Higher Education Governance
The Task Force for Higher Education Governance has been charged with evaluating the governance structure of higher education in North Dakota and determining whether the collective system of higher education is operating to its fullest potential, furthering the educational and workforce needs of the state for the 21st century.  The Task Force consists of 15 members, appointed by the Governor from a pool of 235 applicants (the largest number of applicants for a board in governor’s office history), who represent the interests of the students, faculty, business community and all branches of state government. The Governor serves as chair of the Task Force. 

The Task Force on Higher Education Governance is soliciting public comment from interested parties on its charge to analyze the current governance structure for the North Dakota University System (NDUS), which has not been significantly modified for nearly 80 years.  Committee members will also hear from subject area experts on higher education governance, inspiring and equipping the committee to form recommendations to bring to the 66th North Dakota Legislative Assembly convening in January 2019.  Please limit all submissions to 500 words or less.

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