Parenting at Midnight: Pre-test

Please complete this survey prior to attending the class Parenting at Midnight: The new parents guide to newborn sleep.

Thank you!

1. Parents are the only ones responsible for making their newborn sleep through the night.

2. Eight hours is considered sleeping through the night for a newborn.

3. The room where your baby sleeps should be as quiet as possible.

4. Infants have quiet and active sleep stages.

5. Newborns should never sleep in the same room as their parents.

6. A sleep routine is best created at 4-6 months of age.

7. Direct sunlight should be avoided until an infant is 6 months old.

8. It is best to hold the infant until fully asleep and then place her/him in bed.

9. Room temperature for the newborn should be 65-70 degrees.

10. Nightlights are especially important for newborn sleep environments.