1. What ages are the children being homeschooled? (Check all that apply)

2. Do you have access to a webcam and microphone?

3. Have you used web-based videoconferencing for educational purposes before? (e.g. Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Hangouts)

4. We provide free Cisco Jabber videoconferencing software (similar to Skype) to make this programming possible. Are you comfortable installing software on your computer?

5. Are you interested in a palaeontology videoconferencing program that can be accessed online?

6. Which course format would you prefer most?

7. What topics would you like your child(ren) to learn about that are related to palaeontology?

8. Which program format would you prefer most?

9. How long would you prefer the program to be?

10. What time of day would you prefer this programming to be available?