The history of the Bethlem Royal Hospital spans hundreds of years, bringing us right up to the present day. As such it can give an account of the history of the understanding of mental health issues and their treatment over the same period. Some of the collections may be controversial or challenging. Objects in our collection include representations of treatments or physical interventions that may provoke strong emotional responses. This short survey includes 5 questions about the use of such objects in displays. You may scroll back through the survey at any point - your answers to later questions will remain saved.

Question Title

* 1. How should we display these difficult objects?

  Should not display at all Display with warning/option to avoid Display openly Uncertain
Manacles (iron restraints)
Padded cell
Canvas restraint garments (e.g. strait-jacket)
ECT machines
Insulin coma therapy
Rapid tranquilising drugs
Microscope slides of human specimens
Post mortem data