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* 1. **ATTN::Please take this survey only if you have grown plants in your home for edible or medicinal purposes. Thank you.**

Please rank how knowledgeable you are in basic gardening techniques?

  1 not knowledgeable 2 3 4 5 very knowledgable

* 2. What types of edible/medicinal plants have you grown indoors at your home?

* 3. For what reasons have you grown edible/medicinal plants indoors at your home? Check all that apply:

* 4. When growing edible/medicinal plants indoors, what source of light have you used:

* 5. Why did you use this type of light/system instead of the other sources?

* 6. Have you transferred plants inside and outside? Check all that apply:

* 7. Please describe the configuration of your indoor garden (e.g. I put potted plants on my window sill)

* 8. Would you ever give an edible/medicinal plant to someone as a gift?

* 9. What complications have you come across while growing edible/medicinal plants indoors using only natural sunlight?

* 10. How have you grown edible/medicinal plants indoors?