1. Sustainable West Seattle Tool Library

Sustainable West Seattle is currently planning to create a tool library, which would provide a means for community members to share the cost of household, garden and other tools, as well as the expertise to use them. The Tool Library would aim to build deeper community connections and encourage sustainable practices while reducing waste.

* 1. Do you currently share any tools with your neighbors on a regular basis?

* 2. Had you ever heard of the concept of a Community Tool Library?

* 3. Do you support the idea of Sustainable West Seattle starting a Community Tool Library here in West Seattle?

* 4. How often do you feel you might use a community tool library to rent tools or receive instruction?

* 5. Which type of tools would you use the most if they were provided by a community tool library? (Check all that apply)

* 6. In your opinion, how great is the current community need or demand in West Seattle for such a tool library?

* 7. In the last year, how many projects have you undertaken in your home, garden, or community that you would consider to be enviromentally motivated?

* 8. If you had access to a community tool library, do you feel you would be more likely to take on environmentally motivated projects?

* 9. In terms of priority, how would you rate the following benefits that the Sustainable West Seattle Tool Library could offer:

  Highest Priority High Priority Average Low Priority Not a Priority
Reducing Tool Consumption Through Tool Rental
Reducing Tool Rental Costs
Building Community Connections
Encouraging Evironmental Building Practices
Encouraging Sustainable Living
Encouraging Backyard Gardening
Assisting Low-income Citizens
Assisting Non-profit And Community Organizations
Assisting Government Programs
Assisting Local Businesses

* 10. After the Sustainable West Seattle Tool Library is created, would you be interested in the possibility of volunteering to help with marketing, library operations or tool maintainance? (Check all that apply)